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Invicta, the flagship company for the production of Italian bags and backpacks, chooses ManichiniStore as a partner for the Pitti January 2019 exhibition.

Invicta was founded in England in 1906 as a company producing bags for the navy and bags in jute, before passing in 1926 to a craftsman from Turin.
During the sixties the company passed to the Torinese entrepreneurs Giovanni, Mario and Vincenzo Garrino who, at this stage, made it known for the production of mountaineering accessories. But true popularity is achieved in the eighties. In this period, in fact, the Invicta company reaches the peak of its success with the collections of school backpacks, mainly intended for a very young clientele, making them become a real fashion item that will characterize all the eighties and nineties.

In 1998 Invicta acquired the Diadora brand with which it subsequently merged moving its headquarters to Caerano di San Marco in the province of Treviso. A few years passed and the bad waters in which the Diadora-Invicta group sailed forced the company to cede in 2006 the historic Turin brand Invicta to the competing company Seven, also based in Turin and owned by the Di Stasio family. In the field of school backpacks, the group reaches 60% of the market.





In September 2018 the Di Stasio family, with the aim of growing on the international markets, focusing on luxury, decided to bring a financial partner into the group capital (under the brands Seven, Invicta, Yub, Hoy), the Green Arrow Capital sgr , an investment fund chaired by Luisa Todini and led by Eugenio de Blasio. In the operation, worth 70 million, the fund will have 55% of the Seven, part of the Di Stasio family will remain with minority shares.

Invicta entrusts the Fabbrica Abbigliamento and Industrial Packaging Bustesi F.A.C.I.B. Jackets for Cantarelli and a special collection of backpacks.

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