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Show Connecting Borders: Hangeul x Fashion Art

Connecting Borders: Hangeul x Fashion Art Korean writing Hangeul meets fashion at the 2019 International Fashion Art Exhibition in Milan - Palazzo Morando - Costume Moda Image.

From 9 to 28 July Palazzo Morando | Costume Moda Immagine in Milan hosts the Connecting Borders exhibition: Hangeul x Fashion Art, 19th International Fashion Art Exhibition curated by the co-President of the Korean Fashion and Culture Association, Sunhee Park, professor of Fashion Design at Ewha Womans University in Seoul .

Created by The Korea Fashion & Culture Association in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and the Consulate General of Milan, the Connecting Borders exhibition: Hangeul x Fashion Art will be an opportunity to expand relations between the two countries thanks to the participation of 73 artists of the fashion from academia and industry, including members of the Korean Cultural and Fashion Association, artists from 5 overseas countries, leading Korean designers and other emerging designers.

The underlying theme of the exhibition is the graphic language of Korean writing "Hangeul" created in the fifteenth century, a system where graphic form of letters and sounds create a visual and phonetic harmony unique in the field of languages. The exhibition itinerary presents 73 dresses, works that reinterpret the spirit, meaning and characteristics of Hangeul, thanks to the collaboration with the National Hangeul Museum which provided materials related to Korean writing. The Korea Fashion & Culture Association, to commemorate the centenary of the March 1 Independence Movement of the Korean People's Independence Day (March 1, 1919) identified the Hangeul as the central theme of the exhibition.

The exhibition is divided into three sections:

"Form and Structure": on display works that emphasize structural formality through a study focused on aspects of Hangeul form and structure.

"Style and Writing": here the works connect the various Hangeul styles that developed from the 15th century. to today the meaning that these styles portray.

"Shape and Graphics": a representation of fashion through symbolic elements such as the point, the line and the surface. Emphasizing the graphic aspect of the design and using basic colors such as red, blue, black and white, the works express the futuristic sensibility and the spirit of Hangeul with the art of fashion.

Composed of national academic researchers in design and fashion, the Korea Fashion and Culture Association (The Korea Fashion & Culture Association) was founded in 1995 with the aim of promoting the cultural values of Korean fashion through creative activities, favoring a increasing international competitiveness, consolidating innovative cooperation between universities and industry and promoting ongoing exchanges with artists from around the world.

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