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A tribute exhibition to the artist and his theater 35 years after the show that marked an era

Thirty-five years later, in Castel dell'Ovo, the excitement of "Le Stanze del Castello" returns to Naples, an exhibition that aims to pay homage to the theater of Tato Russo and recall a show that marked the history of the Neapolitan theater of the 1980s.
In that distant September of 84, in fact, the rain did not stop the more than twenty thousand spectators who in three days participated in the "event" on the history of the Piedigrotta Neapolitan thought and realized by Tato Russo, with more than 450 among actors and technicians.
Recalling that episode of great creative courage and to celebrate Tato Russo and his theater, this "tribute exhibition" was born, entitled "Le Stanze di Tato Russo. The Years of Courage "curated by Giulio Baffi, Marialuisa Firpo and Gabriella Grizzuti, created by the Bellini Theater with the Campania Region and the Municipality of Naples, in collaboration with Scabec.

The exhibition is a journey of inventions and testimonies, enriched by installations, projections, sound suggestions, scenographic creations, costumes, sketches, maquettes, objects like real works of art, coming from memorable shows. A path that winds through the different environments of Castel dell'Ovo in an itinerary of knowledge, in which the visitor is guided by the very voice of Tato Russo.
Through memories, emotions, props, the story of an adventure of theater and life comes to life, which for Tato Russo have never known an artistic separation.
The exhibition develops in "rooms" imagined as emotions, in which the Tato artist, actor, director, writer and essayist is revealed.
Thus in the room dedicated to / the Man meets an environment entirely dedicated to his writings and his readings in which the visitor can browse pages, notes, scripts, writings. But he will also be able to get in touch with his most earthly emotions among the "recovered visions" of his shows
secretly kept in the dressing room: a suffused environment in which his objects are exposed (amulets, trunk, photos) reproduces, in a revisited key, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe first dressing room of the Bellini Theater. The Sala delle Carceri is also dedicated to costumes and props. Many exposed or screened costumes wrap the audience in a magical atmosphere.


models of the shows and sketches by Aldo De Lorenzo, Tonino Di Ronza and Renato Lori, are exhibited in the Sala Sirena / Il Teatro together with the Mask by Pulcinella, which Tato Russo has performed eight times. Furthermore, an entire wall is dedicated to the thousands of artists and technicians who have worked with him over the years.
In the last section of the exhibition / The Sognatore focuses on the visionary Tato Russo: his poems, the taste of controversy, music. The memory of that metaphysical work that he brought precisely in these places: the show on the history of the Piedigrotta Neapolitan who broke the classical stage schemes, scenes and company.
In the exhibition itinerary a special space will also be dedicated to the gaze of those who have observed Tato Russo's work through the lens, with photos by Tommaso Le Pera and Fabio Donato. In the projection room, which closes the tour, every day will be reproduced films of some of the most famous works of the artist.

"The Rooms of Tato Russo. The years of courage "
Curated by Giulio Baffi, Marialuisa Firpo and Gabriella Grizzuti
Designed by Teatro Bellini of Naples and the Campania Region
Promoted and supported by the Campania Region and the Municipality of Naples
In collaboration with Scabec

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