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Manichini Store offers a wide range of man and woman mannequins for shop windows, for clothes and shops, for e-commerce and photo, both stylized and realistic. The company, in fact, proposes realistic mannequins in masculine and female version, with the somatic lines well-finished in every detail and customized based on the demands, also through the application of replaceable wigs.

You can also find some low-cost products as the stylized mannequins, realized both with egg head and with sculped head, or without head. The catalog also includes the new mannequins with wooden arms, with an exclusive and original design, characterized by adjustable arms and by the cream bust. That allow you to modify, with facility, the effect of the windows, realizing different positions.

Manichini Store offers a line of mannequins optimized for shooting and e-commerce websites, especially developed to obtain an excellent aesthetic result. These products are available in a large variety of sizes, poses and typology, which allow a perfect adaptability to the customer specific needs. These mannequins are made with high-performance and durable materials, finished with great care in...

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Invisible mannequins for E-commerce#0Invisible mannequins for E-commerce#1

Founded in 1989 and considered a leading company in the sector, today as yesterday we create mannequins and busts which are recognized the world over for their top level Italian design.

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Manichini Store has selected the best men and women mannequins for high fashion shops and boutiques: a wide range of fashion mannequins with innovative and refined design, perfect for set up shop windows and exhibition spaces of the points of sale. The catalogue includes the most exclusive proposal of the moment: a collection of highest level articles, developed by renowned designers, worked an...

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Designer Mannequins#0Designer Mannequins#1Designer Mannequins#2Designer Mannequins#3Designer Mannequins#4

Manichini Store offers a wide selection of abstract mannequins, both in male and in female version: the products boast an incredible attention for finishes and details, and with a look customizable according to tastes and needs. The catalogue includes a various type of men and women abstract mannequins and includes tailored proposals to all needs, ideal for decorating shop windows and exhibi...

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Abstract mannequins#0

Manichini Store offers male and female realistic mannequins with a selection of the most elegant and fashionable products, all dedicated to trending clothing stores. The catalogue includes a large range of customizable items, even replaceable accessories such as wigs and make-up: these products are versatile, durable, and they perfectly fit each store style. The realistic mannequins selecte...

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Realistic mannequins#0Realistic mannequins#1

Elegant mannequins with a Vintage style, complete with articulated arms in wood and articulated hands, characterized by a bust in cream fabric that will donate a retro note to your showcases. The articulated arms will allow you to create always different settings to diversify your shops.

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Mannequins with wooden arms#0Mannequins with wooden arms#1Mannequins with wooden arms#2Mannequins with wooden arms#3Mannequins with wooden arms#4

Manichini Store propose a range of sports mannequins and articulated mannequins, designed to satisfy all customer expectations: these products allow you to create innovative and original display windows guaranteed to impress your clientele. The jointed mannequins are available in a wide assortment of colors and materials, variable from the classical black-and-white to the exclusive silver gr...

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Flexible, articulated and sport mannequins#0Flexible, articulated and sport mannequins#1Flexible, articulated and sport mannequins#2

This category proposes a wide range of plus size mannequins and maternity mannequins. You can choose from economic to high design and from realistic curvy mannequins to abstract curvy mannequins. Their high quality finish and their beautiful soft shapes will seduce you. Find the one that best suits the style of your store and complete your order!

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Plus size and maternity-wear mannequins#0Plus size and maternity-wear mannequins#1

Wide range of man and woman mannequins extremely with innovative and refined design. They are perfect to give at your shop or showroom a unique and sophisticated style.

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Window France Mannequins#0Window France Mannequins#1Window France Mannequins#2

This category presents several collections of elegant and original wigs. You can choose from many colors and hairstyles, such as cool short hair and flowing long hair. In addition, the section suggests wigs belonging to the Vogue collection that can be applied to any type of mannequin's heads and human heads thanks to an internal net that can be adjusted to any head measurement.

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In this section you can find many additional accessories for your mannequin that can help you to complete your order. Among all the accessories, you can choose between the following items and services: Mannequins seats Mannequins bases E-commerce mannequins short arms kit Interchangeable heads and faces for high design mannequins Interchangeable make up for high design mannequins ...

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Accessories for Mannequins#0Accessories for Mannequins#1Accessories for Mannequins#2

Customize your display window adding to it an original and dynamic touch of originality! In this category you can find a huge variety of animals for window displays. You can choose from a variety of animals including horses, dogs, crocodiles, giraffes, bears, reindeers, goats. You can also customize the animal with solid colours that will give a stylized look to it.

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Animals for Window Displays#0Animals for Window Displays#1Animals for Window Displays#2Animals for Window Displays#3