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Manichini Store offers sartorial busts of high quality and rigorously Made in Italy, available in an ample range of finishes and colorings: handmade and covered by a soft covering in fabric, the busts show a refined style in every detail, and they can be personalized based on the tastes and the demands. Available with tripod base, with round base or with metal base, and in various tonalities, both neutral and dark, like white, beige, brown, blue and black and also in the version conformed for plus sizes.

Moreover, Manichini Store has created the exclusive collection of paper-mâché's busts, entirely realized with ecological material, renewable and biodegradable:a rustic style line and, at the same time, elegant, thought for the one who desires to conjugate the best handicraft tradition and the aesthetical refinement with the environmental sustainability.

Manichini Store also offers mannequins with separated body's parts, as the legs and the feet, projected for display socks, stockings, shoes and other accessories, or devoted to the tailor's shops and the ateliers; the products are customized in the dimensions, in the support's base, in the tonality and in all the characteristics.

In this category you can find a wide assortment of fabric sartorial busts entirely Made in Italy. You can choose from several colors and finishes, from wooden to chromed and from black to white. Here you can purchase the busts that best suit your needs and style.

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Sartorial Busts#0Sartorial Busts#1Sartorial Busts#2

This category offers a fabulous collection of wooden arms busts and mannequins. Their vintage style and high quality materials together with the uniqueness of the articulated wooden arms will enhance the elegance of your window displays. These busts will make your shop windows original and dynamic!

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Wooden Arms Busts#0Wooden Arms Busts#1Wooden Arms Busts#2

In this section you can find a wide range of torsos for window displays. Different collections and finishes are available, such as: counter torsos busts with base busts with arms busts covered with paper busts from King Mannequins Lipstick Collection These torsos offer a practical and efficient way to set up your window displays. Mostly made of blow molded plastic, these to...

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Torso Busts#0Torso Busts#1Torso Busts#2Torso Busts#3

This section presents several solutions of legs and feet that can optmize the display of pants and shoes. You can choose from: bent legs to be assembled on the ceiling straight legs supplied with base stand adjustable legs that can be arranged in several positions. In addition, this section proposes legs for the display of hosiery and feet made of styrofoam. Choose from the a...

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Legs and Feet#0Legs and Feet#1Legs and Feet#2

In this section you can find a wide range of articles for the display of underwear and swimwear. Among the suggested items you can find: bra displays women's pants displays men's pants displays children's pants displays busts' forms torsos of various colours Add to your cart the items that best suit your needs and complete your online purchase.

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Underwear and swimwear#0Underwear and swimwear#1Underwear and swimwear#2Underwear and swimwear#3

Embellish your bust by choosing from the wide range of accessories for busts proposed in this section. You can change the style of your window displays by purchasing an additional base or elasticized coverings in different colors. In this category you can find a wide variety of metal bases for busts and wood bases for busts; coverings in different colours for women's sartorial busts and for ...

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Accessories for Busts#0Accessories for Busts#1