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Huawei presents "Fashion Flair", an experimental project that demonstrates how technology is able to give life to an original fashion collection starting from the inputs generated by Artificial Intelligence.

"By providing the basic parameters for the creation of a dress, such as color, length, volume and texture, Artificial Intelligence is now able to provide a creative starting point for designers to start with and then realize their creations," explains Isabella Lazzini , marketing & retail director Huawei Cbg Italia. "Technology and smartphones are part of our lives, so why not make them an additional source of inspiration? We, with the "Fashion Flair" project, have succeeded and are enthusiastic about it. "

Together with a team of Italian developers, a statement said, Huawei has created the "Fashion Flair" app which, using the artificial intelligence of Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro, has been trained with tens of thousands of iconic fashion images of the last 100 years and a specific set of shots taken from the latest Annakiki collections. The application is thus able to create an outfit proposal following the inputs and filters set by the designer. Once this information has been reworked, the application returns a series of potentially infinite outfit proposals, which represent a starting point from which to start the design of a garment, a further inspiration for the artist's creative process, which will then complete it with its inimitable touch.

Project partner is Anna Yang, creative director, as well as founder and face of the Annakiki brand, regular presence in the official calendar of Milan Fashion Week. "With this project I experienced something never done before," says Anna Yang: "to draw inspiration from the AI. Huawei P30 Pro, with its Artificial Intelligence has become an additional source of inspiration, always available, which has allowed me to work in a totally alternative way ”.

To celebrate the first fashion collection resulting from the co-creation of a smartphone and a fashion designer, Anna Yang has chosen to take inspiration not only from Artificial Intelligence, but also from the color range of Huawei P30 family devices: some of the 20 outfits of the collection, recall the changing colors of the new Huawei products. The press of the Annakiki for Huawei collection, concludes the press release, express a strong style of personality, femininity, security and determination, which is aimed at a woman who wants to stand out.

The collaboration between Anna Yang and Huawei has given life to a new collection, made up of 20 outfits, which have been shown in Milan in front of an exclusive audience of personalities in the world of fashion and tech, celebrity and influencers. Exceptional make-up artist and hair-stylist of the event: Aldo Coppola. The reference brand in the world of beauty and fashion has taken care of the look of the models. Online partner of the project, one of the main destinations for luxury fashion. The entire collection will be exclusively available online pre-order on the LuisaViaRoma store starting from Thursday 9 May.

The project represents a new chapter in the "Humanly Possible" campaign. Fashion Flair will be available and within reach of all Huawei customers with exclusive covers inspired by the world of fashion, available for purchase at the Milan Citylife Huawei Experience Store.

The themes of Fashion Flair will be downloadable for free in the App Temi, a native application developed by Huawei within the ecosystem of mobile services aimed at improving the user experience.

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